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Hummingbird Robotics Kit


The Hummingbird Robotics Kit is a spin-off product of Carnegie Mellon's CREATE lab. Hummingbird is designed to enable engineering and robotics activities for ages 13 and up (8 with adult supervision) that involve the making of robots, kinetic sculptures, and animatronics built out of a combination of kit parts and crafting materials.

Combined with very easy-to-use software environments like Scratch, Snap!, the CREATE Lab Visual Programmer, and Ardublock, Hummingbird provides a great way to introduce kids to robotics and engineering with construction materials that they are already familiar with. At the same time, Hummingbird continues to provide new challenges by allowing programming in the Arduino environment, Python, Java, and Processing, and by supporting Raspberry Pi.


Why we like HummingBird Robotics Kits

BYOD Friendly - With the ability to work with such a diverse range of programming languages that are available for most computer platforms and devices Hummingbird Robotic Kits are ideal for BYOD schools.
Encourages Creativity - Because the robotic models are not prescribed it leaves a lot to the imagination and creativity of your students.
Low Cost - All you need to buy is the essentials provided in the kits. You can make do with what you already have, for the rest, reducing costs.


Kit Contents

The Hummingbird Duo comes in four different sizes: The classroom kit is appropriate for 8 to 12 students and has parts for up to 4 simultaneous robotics projects. The premium kit has enough parts to build a large robot, and the base kit has sufficient parts for a small robot. Finally, the controller kit contains the Hummingbird Duo controller, power, USB, and a tool for attaching electronics, and is perfect if you wish to upgrade from the original Hummingbird kit or want to build and attach your own parts. Check out the table below for details on what is included with each kit, or scroll down for unboxing videos and pictures of the kits.


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Hummingbird Accessory - Joystick
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Hummingbird Accessory - LED
ex GST
Hummingbird Bluetooth Module
ex GST
Hummingbird Controller Board
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Hummingbird Motor - Rotary/Gear
ex GST
Hummingbird Motor - Servo
ex GST
Hummingbird Power - Battery Pack
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Hummingbird Sensor - Distance
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