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ElectroninksThe idea for Circuit Scribe was born out of conductive ink research in a PhD lab at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The inspiration behind putting the ink into a rollerball pen stemmed from the founder’s passion for exploring ways to seamlessly integrate electronics with everyday materials. By allowing users to create circuits the same way they write their name or draw a picture, the barrier of entry into the electronics world is lowered dramatically.
  • Circuit Scribe Basic Kit: This kit allows you to explore basic electronics concepts, beyond what the Lite Kit offers. The five additional modules allow you to expand your knowledge of transistors, resistance, elements in parallel and series, open and short circuits, and more.
  • Circuit Scribe Maker Kit: This kit allows you to explore all the concepts that the basic kit presents, while improving your understanding of different ways to input, process and output signals in your circuits. Additional topics to explore include light, timed circuits, piezoelectric materials, and more.

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Circuit Scribe Basic Classroom Kit
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Circuit Scribe Basic Kit
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Circuit Scribe Conductive Pen
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Circuit Scribe Educational Workbook
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Circuit Scribe Everything Classroom Kit
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Circuit Scribe Maker Kit
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Circuit Scribe Module - Blinker
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Circuit Scribe Module - Buzzer
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