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Strawbees AustraliaStrawbees provides a complete solution for developing a powerful skillset for the future through hands-on exploration and working with design, construction, electronics and programming. Our open-ended system creates opportunities for fun and engaging experiences for beginners and experts of all ages.

We learn a great deal when we are forced to think for ourselves, rather than following instructions. Strawbees helps teachers and parents break free from the pattern of knowing it all, let your students and kids be the experts. Our instructions are deliberately simple. The reason is simple too - they are made for you to be creative and think differently. If somebody tells you to build a bridge, build YOUR bridge. Or build something entirely different that makes sense to you.

Strawbees In Education

New expectations on what students need to learn creates opportunities for schools and teachers to change the way they teach. Strawbees is currently supporting teachers in 40.000 schools in 50 countries offering a creative and fun-filled experience learning about technology and innovation.

Intuitive Programming: The Strawbees solution puts programming in a context and helps students of all ages understand what programming is for and how we can use it to impact the world. By combining computers, electronics and construction we can create with a purpose which makes the process engaging and fun!

Strawbees Australia

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