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BBC Micro BitThe BBC micro:bit (aka the microbit) is a pocket-sized codeable computer which is super easy to use and can be used across the curriculum, not just STEM subjects. It is a great programmable platform for anyone of any age.


  • Hello!: You can use your BBC micro:bit for all sorts of cool creations, from robots to musical instruments – the possibilities are endless.
  • Easy Peasy: It can be coded from any web browser in Blocks, Javascript, Python, Scratch and more; no software required.
  • Get Inspired: We have over 200 different activities and resources to try, from easy experiments to creative coding challenges.

BBC micro:bit in Education:

The micro:bit was designed to be classroom-friendly from day one. More approachable than just coding, it's a great way to achieve fun, practical results with motivated students.
  • Around the World: Although we had our humble beginnings in the UK, the micro:bit is benefiting Computing classes in Finland, Sri Lanka, Singapore, the USA and more.
  • Cross Curricular: Coding isn't just for Computing class! The micro:bit has projects that are great for Design Technology, Physics and even Art and Music classes.
  • Everybody Codes: We're a non-profit aiming to have a real impact beyond the typical demographics that work in STEM.

BBC micro:bit comparisons

  BBC micro:bit BBC micro:bit Go BBC micro:bit EX
micro:bit board Yes Yes Yes
USB cable No Yes (8cm) Yes (100cm)
Battery cage No Yes (without on/off switch) Yes (with on/off switch)
Batteries No 2x AAA 4x AAA

BBC micro:bit Boards and Value Packs

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BBC micro:bit - 100 Pack
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BBC micro:bit - 300 Pack
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BBC micro:bit (Board Only)
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BBC micro:bit EX - 10 Pack
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BBC micro:bit EX - 100 Pack
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BBC micro:bit GO
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BBC micro:bit GO - 10 Pack
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BBC micro:bit GO - CLUB 10 Pack
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Kitronik Inventors Kit & BBC micro:bit EX Bundle
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Kitronik Inventor's Kit & BBC micro:bit GO Bundle
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