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Alison Howe
Alison Howe
Australia, Kingston
11 Jun 2021
The purchase of two Tello Edu drones has bought us delight. My 10 year old daughter opened her birthday present with disinterest ... more

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HoverCam Solo 8 has arrived in Australia

 by cdsoft on 02 Jul 2014 |
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The long awaited HoverCam Solo 8 is now available in Australia. The manufactures believe that the HoverCam Solo 8 is possibly the best document camera ever built. It is the world’s first SuperSpeed USB 3.0 document camera delivering brilliant 8-Megapixel resolution and stunning 30 frames-per-second full motion video. With the HoverCam Solo 8 the finest of details come to life and video becomes captivating and truly lag-free.
The secret to the HoverCam Solo 8's ability to deliver full 4K uncompressed video steaming is three fold. The first is the use of "SuperSpeed" USB 3.0 connectivity, the second, the use of on-board processing and the third is what they call ASR or Adaptive Sensor Resolution.
Do not fear. If your computer does not have USB 3.0 the HoverCam Solo 5 will still acquit itself very well although some clarity at higher resolutions will be lost as the image will be compressed using MJPEG but the frame rate of 30fps is maintained.
The HoverCam Solo 8 is the first Hover Cam document camera built on the HoverCam Photon 1.0 Imaging Engine. A powerful ARM processor serves as the Solo 8’s brain and provides the processing power of a small computer; as opposed to a simple imaging device of the past. When combined with the Flex 10 software, Solo 8 achieves exceptionally high performance. Real time commands, responses and computations take place between the host computer and the Solo 8 to formulate the best video delivery strategy for optimal bandwidth utilisation, screen size adaptation, exposure control, focus control, colour balancing and other advanced camera control functions.
ASR is HoverCam’s proprietary patent-pending technology for dynamic scaling and cropping. This technology allows the camera to deliver 8MP images dynamically adapted to the resolution of your monitor or output display. What does "dynamically adapted" mean? Every frame is captured with 8 million pixels, followed by a frame by frame scaling and cropping process to fit the viewing area of interest to the maximum size of the display area. The Solo 8’s 8MP sensor is fully utilized to deliver full resolution for video viewing or recording at any given time.
Product Highlights
  •     8.0 MegaPixel resolution - ultra HD clarity in still image or live video
  •     Constant 30fps full motion video in 4K with ASR, uncompressed 1080P or 720P
  •     USB 3.0 SuperSpeed performance - streams UVC video over USB 3.0 or USB 2.0
  •     Amazing clarity and vibrant picture colour
  •     Zoom from an A3 sized document to a coin
  •     Easily conduct live, real-time video presentations
  •     Record hours of stunning 30fps full motion video for flipped learning
  •     Scan from A3 size to business cards directly to PDF; OCR software included
  •     Engage in online video communication, distance learning, video conferencing
  •     Small footprint and aluminium alloy construction with precision craftsmanship
  •     Multiple pivots allow for maximum poseability and enables a 10X mechanical zoom
  •     Weighted camera base ensures stability when standing, pivoted or tilted
  •     Control the camera without a mouse or keyboard with shortcut buttons
  •     Archive and organize with the convenience of a full-featured archive manager


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