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Tracy Thiele
Tracy Thiele
Australia, Gawler South
02 Apr 2021
They were really helpful when I phoned for information and received the product within a few days . Thanks

EduBlog Australia

May 2020

Laserbox VS Emblaser 2 Comparison

 by matteo on 22 May 2020 |
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We've recently had many enquiries as to which laser cutter customers should buy so in response to this we have put together a comparison between the Makeblock Laserbox Pro and the Emblaser 2. Laserbox VS Emblaser 2 Brief Comparison Chart   Laserbox Emblaser 2 Specifications Product Dimensions Laserbox: 95.8 x 52.8 x 26.8cm, Smoke Purifier: 52.8 x 26 x 26.8cm Emblaser: 54 x 72 x 20cm, F2000 Filtration Unit: 42.5 x 25 x 41cm Product Weight Laserbox: 43.3kg Smoke Purifier: 12.25kg Emblaser: 12.7kg F2000 Filtration Unit: 15.35kg Shipping Dimensions Laserbox: 107 x 63 x 43cm, Smoke Purifier: 63.3 x 40.4 x 33.6cm Emblaser: 77 x 65 x 24cm, F2000 Filtration Unit: 51 x 34 x 58cm Shipping Weight Laserbox: 45kg, Smoke Purifier: 15kg Emblaser: 19.60kg, F2000 Fitration Unit: 19kg Laser Type C02 5 Watt Laser Diode Material Capacity 500 x 300 x 15mm 500 x 300 x 50mm Safety Classification Class 1 (the safest laser device rating) Class 1 (the safest laser device rating) Connectivity USB Yes Yes Wifi Yes Yes Ethernet Yes No Materials Emblaser 2 Commonly Used Materials Material Thickness Engraved Cut Notes Fabric - Cotton 3mm Yes Yes   Fabric - Felt 6mm No Yes All colours except white. Leather - Brown Vegetable Tanned 4mm Yes Yes Treatment & color dependant. Air-Assist recommended. Paper/Card - Corrugated Cardboard 6mm Yes Yes   Paper/Card - Pasteboard 2.6mm Yes Yes   Paper/Card - Plain Paper 3mm Yes Yes Any Colour. Plastic - Acrylic Black 5mm Yes Yes   Plastic - Acrylic Green, Red Yellow 3mm Yes Yes   Plastic - Acrylic Translucent (tinted) - Yes No   Plastic - Acrylic Blue - Yes No   Plastic - Acrylic Transparent & White - No No Possible with coating. Plastic - Polypropylene 3mm Yes Yes Air-Assist recommended. Plastic - Styrene 1.5mm Yes Yes   Wood - Birch Plywood 6mm Yes Yes   Wood - Balsa 10mm Yes Yes   Wood - Hardwood Oak 3.8mm Yes Yes   Wood - MDF 6mm Yes Yes   Anodised Aluminium - Yes No   Slate - Yes No   Corkboard 3mm Yes Yes Air-Assist required. Rubber 2mm Yes Yes Air-Assist recommended. Laserbox Pro Commonly Used Materials Material Cut Engrave Mark Paper Yes Yes Yes Corrugated Paper Yes Yes Yes Wood Yes Yes Yes AcrylicYes Yes Yes Yes Cloth Yes Yes Yes Denim Yes Yes Yes Leather Yes Yes Yes Base Plate Yes Yes Yes ABS-based Colour Board Yes Yes Yes PET Yes Yes Yes Rubber Yes Yes Yes Veneer Yes Yes Yes Cork Yes Yes Yes Sandpaper Yes Yes Yes Food Yes Yes Yes Glass Fiber Yes Yes Yes Plastic Yes Yes Yes Delrin Yes Yes Yes Glass No Yes Yes Marble No Yes Yes Rubber Stamp No Yes Yes Stone No Yes Yes Ceramic No Yes Yes Tile No Yes Yes Anodized Aluminum No Yes Yes Corian No Yes Yes Extraction * { box-sizing: border-box; } /* Create three equal columns that floats next to each other */ .column2 { float: left; width: 50%; padding: 10px; } /* Clear floats after the columns */ .row:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } F2000 Indoor Fume Filtration Unit The F2000 Indoor Fume Filtration Unit is very quiet and uses a set of filters containing activated carbon to remove visible fumes. It is also powerful enough to support 2x Emblaser 2 machines at the same time usign a 3D printed connector. Laserbox Smoke Purifier The smoke purifier is just that, it takes the smoke particulate out of the Laserbox however it still needs to be ventilated. Software LightBurn LightBurn is a very powerful software with simple to use tools. The Beginner Mode feature simplifies the interface helping first time users to understand the basic functions without feeling overwhelmed by the various settings and advanced tools. The Emblaser 2 material library contains a varierty of different materials and their recommended cutting/engraving settings. These settings can be easily adjusted and edited to suit your specific material. Laserbox The software is very user-friendly and has a very clean/simple layout making it less overwhelming for students and teachers who are using it for the first time. The software is split into two sections; working and design. The working section contains a view of the material that is in the Laserbox (from the 5MP camera) and an overlay of what you have imported to cut or engrave. The design section contains a white canvas showing what you have imported and various settings for manipulating its orientation & size, inserting rectangular & circular shapes as well as lines and more. Once you have finished moving and editing your project you can preview the outcome and get an estimated time of finish. Our Final Thoughts They are both fantastic machines however if you are after a machine mainly for engraving we would recommend the Emblaser 2 as its engraving is more precise, has different options to find the optimal setting for your material and also comes with the Air-Assist which prevents overburn on the material. If you are after a machine for cutting multiple different materials in a short amount of time then we would recommend the Laserbox Pro as it is a more powerful machine and cuts most materials in 1 pass compared to the Emblaser where it will require multiple.

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