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Tracy Thiele
Tracy Thiele
Australia, Gawler South
02 Apr 2021
They were really helpful when I phoned for information and received the product within a few days . Thanks

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HoverCam Solo 8 - The Document Camera Designed for Easy Use with Interactive Whiteboards

 by cdsoft on 23 Jul 2014 |
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The article below is written by Craig Justice, Vice President (Sales) Pathway innovations & Technologies inc.     The Document Camera Designed for Easy Use with Interactive Whiteboards: Introducing Solo 8 At education technology trade shows around the country teachers seeing the HoverCam on display walk up to me and say, "I can't figure out how to connect my document camera to the interactive whiteboard." Sometimes the teacher admits "the document camera just sits in the closet." Traditional document cameras were designed to output video through a VGA port directly to the projector and lacked the connectivity to communicate with interactive whiteboards - IWBs. And, even as traditional document camera manufacturers added USB connectivity to their products, the video streamed over their USB cables is either low-resolution, unacceptably slow, or both. From its initial conception five years ago, the HoverCam was designed to work with computers and to connect to PCs and Macs with a USB cable, just as an IWB connects to the computer via USB. The HoverCam represents a whole new philosophy in document camera design. The HoverCam is a "computer peripheral." It didn't take long for school principals and district IT directors to learn that the HoverCam being a USB "document camera" is an advantage, because it allows easy connecting and use with IWBs. Moreover, the HoverCam design - which uses a high-resolution sensor instead of bulky, expensive optics - has a clearer image and costs significantly less than traditional document cameras to produce. Not because it's cheap - because it's innovative and incorporates advanced, patented technology. Not only is the HoverCam hardware ready for use with interactive whiteboards right out of the box, the HoverCam "Flex" software included with each unit is also compatible with IWB software. There are four ways to import HoverCam images into IWB software. ·         * Drag-and-drop any captured image or photo from HoverCam's software window into the IWB software. ·           ·         * HoverCam's "Slingshot" feature which allows an image being shown by the HoverCam to be captured and inserted into any software program - including IWB software - with just one click without leaving the IWB software. ·           ·         * HoverCam's "Whiteboard Connector," a flash-app that allows the camera's live streaming video to be displayed within the IWB software. ·           ·         * Using the "transparency" feature of the IWB software to display HoverCam's live, full-motion, 30 frame/second 1080p video image inside the IWB without installation of any additional software, app or driver. ·           It's easy to connect a HoverCam to any computer for use with any IWB, and best of all, the new HoverCam Solo 8 delivers clearer images over USB than any other document camera costing less than 3,000 dollars with its true 8-megapixel resolution and full-motion, 30 frames per second 1080p video over USB.

HoverCam Solo 8 has arrived in Australia

 by cdsoft on 02 Jul 2014 |
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The long awaited HoverCam Solo 8 is now available in Australia. The manufactures believe that the HoverCam Solo 8 is possibly the best document camera ever built. It is the world’s first SuperSpeed USB 3.0 document camera delivering brilliant 8-Megapixel resolution and stunning 30 frames-per-second full motion video. With the HoverCam Solo 8 the finest of details come to life and video becomes captivating and truly lag-free.   The secret to the HoverCam Solo 8's ability to deliver full 4K uncompressed video steaming is three fold. The first is the use of "SuperSpeed" USB 3.0 connectivity, the second, the use of on-board processing and the third is what they call ASR or Adaptive Sensor Resolution.   Do not fear. If your computer does not have USB 3.0 the HoverCam Solo 5 will still acquit itself very well although some clarity at higher resolutions will be lost as the image will be compressed using MJPEG but the frame rate of 30fps is maintained.   The HoverCam Solo 8 is the first Hover Cam document camera built on the HoverCam Photon 1.0 Imaging Engine. A powerful ARM processor serves as the Solo 8’s brain and provides the processing power of a small computer; as opposed to a simple imaging device of the past. When combined with the Flex 10 software, Solo 8 achieves exceptionally high performance. Real time commands, responses and computations take place between the host computer and the Solo 8 to formulate the best video delivery strategy for optimal bandwidth utilisation, screen size adaptation, exposure control, focus control, colour balancing and other advanced camera control functions.   ASR is HoverCam’s proprietary patent-pending technology for dynamic scaling and cropping. This technology allows the camera to deliver 8MP images dynamically adapted to the resolution of your monitor or output display. What does "dynamically adapted" mean? Every frame is captured with 8 million pixels, followed by a frame by frame scaling and cropping process to fit the viewing area of interest to the maximum size of the display area. The Solo 8’s 8MP sensor is fully utilized to deliver full resolution for video viewing or recording at any given time.   Product Highlights     8.0 MegaPixel resolution - ultra HD clarity in still image or live video     Constant 30fps full motion video in 4K with ASR, uncompressed 1080P or 720P     USB 3.0 SuperSpeed performance - streams UVC video over USB 3.0 or USB 2.0     Amazing clarity and vibrant picture colour     Zoom from an A3 sized document to a coin     Easily conduct live, real-time video presentations     Record hours of stunning 30fps full motion video for flipped learning     Scan from A3 size to business cards directly to PDF; OCR software included     Engage in online video communication, distance learning, video conferencing     Small footprint and aluminium alloy construction with precision craftsmanship     Multiple pivots allow for maximum poseability and enables a 10X mechanical zoom     Weighted camera base ensures stability when standing, pivoted or tilted     Control the camera without a mouse or keyboard with shortcut buttons     Archive and organize with the convenience of a full-featured archive manager

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