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OzoBot Evo Starter/Gift Pack
The Ozobot Evo is a learning toy that opens the doors of computer science, STEM Education, robotics and coding.
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Product Description

Ozobot Evo Starter Pack

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Expand your child’s horizons with the help of Ozobot - the tiny smart robot. There is no end to the possibilities, as your child creates a different landscape of adventures, games and coding with Ozobot. Imagine, a learning toy that opens the doors of computer science, STEM education, robotics and coding, making your child one step ahead of the learning curve in school and in life.

Power on app-enabled Evo and test out the bot’s surprising speed, insanely bright lights and quirky personality in remote control mode. Chat with friends and even send Ozojis—emoticons Evo acts out.

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  • Tiny and power-packed: Measuring slightly over an inch, Ozobot is one of the world’s smallest smart robot toys.
  • Become a master at Play: Children learn how to channel their ideas into reality, creating private games, secret codes and their very own robotic equations, putting them at the forefront of learning without even realizing it.
  • Program with colours: Starting with colour markers, Ozobot takes kids on a fun and mesmerizing experience through creative drawing, problem solving and group challenges by coloring code commands in the form of basic color combinations.
  • Advance with block-based programming: Ozobot Bit’s ability to learn your programs, and then play them back is a big game changer to how young minds play and learn.
  • Start With Colours: Pull out the markers and unleash your inner Picasso. Use Evo’s universal colour language to make the bot speed up, spin and more in response. That’s right—you’re controlling Evo with colours.
  • Build With Blocks: With OzoBlockly, drag and drop blocks of code to take full control of Evo’s features. You can even create custom Ozojis, to make your “OMG” different from everyone else’s.
  • Color and Line Detection
  • Proximity Sensing
  • App-Enabled (iOS and Android compatible)
  • OzoChat worldwide messaging (gated chat for ages 12 and under)
  • Remote Control mode
  • Expressive sounds and LED lights
  • Character and Content downloads
  • OzoBlockly-Enabled for introductory to advanced programming
  • Bluetooth-Enabled


OzoBlockly gives you the power to fully control your Ozobot's movement and behavior. Powered by Google’s Blockly, OzoBlockly offers five modes from Pre-Reader with icon-based blocks to Master with support for many low-level functions and advanced programming concepts. It has something for everyone!

Five Offered Modes

  • Mode 1 - Pre-Reader: Suitable even for pre-schoolers, Pre-Reader is the most basic toolbox mode in OzoBlockly. It has only icon-based blocks that are large and easy to assemble.
  • Mode 2 - Beginner: The Beginner toolbox mode extends from Pre-Reader with the introduction of simple loops. Blocks are now described as text titles and icons.
  • Mode 3 - Intermediate: Control Ozobot's ability to follow lines using the Line Navigation category. The Intermediate toolbox mode also introduces select Logic blocks.
  • Mode 4 - Advanced: The Advanced mode significantly expands Ozobot's programmability with the introduction of advanced loops and logic, integers, variables and functions.
  • Mode 5 - Master: Take full control over Ozobot in Master mode with its extensive low-level control functions and advanced programming features.

Try the online Blockly Editor now!

The Ozobot STEM program - Our STEM education program presents an innovative way to teach subjects like programming, math and science in classrooms, after-school clubs or at home. See kids become engaged and inspired when topics come alive with the help of Ozobot. Teacher Guides, lessons and tips are all availabe freely online.

Compatible with: Ozobot Bit, Ozobot Starter Pack and Ozobot Evo


  • 1x Ozobot EVO Robot
  • 4x Ozobot Washable Markers
  • 1x Ozobot EVO Experience Pack
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • 1x Target Stickers for Games
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Awesome service with super fast delivery. The chat option really helped me choose the products, know they were in stock and would be delivered in time. The items were posted the same day and I couldn't believe it when they arrived from Perth to Melbourne in 3 days! Thanks for your wonderful support - our students were able to complete their robotic projects in time.
Nicola Bailey - Nov 2020

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