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Cubetto Playset
The coding toy for girls and boys aged 3 and up. Powered by a playful programming language you can touch. Montessori approved, and LOGO Turtle inspired.
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Product Description

Cubetto Playset

Meet Cubetto, your child’s first coding kit. Cubetto is the friendly wooden robot that will teach your young child the basics of computer programming through adventure and hands on play.

Primo Toys are on a mission to make computational thinking more hands and less screen. Because computational thinking is a way of thinking - a way of breaking down complex problems into smaller ones - it doesn't require using computers or screens at all. That means that there are loads real-world situations to practice computational thinking with your little ones, from making toast and leaving the house, to treasure hunts and even Easter egg hunts! In their free ebook they look at a bunch of different ways to play off-screen, 'unplugged' computational thinking games - no prior tech experience required.

We love the Cubetto as it does a great job of visually representing code and allows for higher order coding with the use of logic blocks and the ability to code functions. We particularly like it as it teaches the fundamentals of coding and engineering very simply ie pose a problem, find the solutions, pick the best solution (engineering), code the solution, run the solution, debug if necessary, retry until the solution reached (coding). Investigate different themes and introduce the language of coding in a fun and engaging way to children as young as three.

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Made of tactile and hard-wearing wood he’s your child’s guide into the world of coding.
Screenless, friendly and ready to play.

Coding Blocks:

A coding language you can touch and manipulate like LEGO.
Each block is an action. Combine them to create programs.

Control Board:

Place the blocks on the board to tell Cubetto where to go.
Hit the blue button and Cubetto executes your very first program.

Maps and Story book:

Expand play time with world maps, educational story book and challenges
that take your child on epic coding adventures.


  • 1x Cubetto
  • 1x Board
  • 16x Blocks
  • 1x World Map
  • 1x Story Book
  • 1x User Guide
Packs and Bundles for the Cubetto Playset
Accessories for the Cubetto Playset
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The service from CD Soft is second to none. I order very regularly from CD Soft and every time, without fail, the online chat service is excellent, order processing is easy and accurate and delivery is fast and all goods arrive safely and securely.

The advice given on products is insightful and accurate and always very customer orientated.

Thank you
Scott Llamas - May 2021


Awesome service with super fast delivery. The chat option really helped me choose the products, know they were in stock and would be delivered in time. The items were posted the same day and I couldn't believe it when they arrived from Perth to Melbourne in 3 days! Thanks for your wonderful support - our students were able to complete their robotic projects in time.
Nicola Bailey - Nov 2020

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