Kitronik :Move mini Buggy V1 - Bumper Add-On

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Kitronik :Move mini Buggy V1 - Bumper Add-On
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Product Description

Kitronik :Move mini Buggy V1 - Bumper Add-On

With this Bumper add-on for :MOVE mini for the BBC microbit, everyone's favourite little programmable robot buggy just got much better. If you were looking for an add-on that allows for competative games, then this is the add-on for you. Previously on :MOVE mini, we; drew shapes, controlled it via bluetooth, controlled it with a second microbit, and we also coded a variety of light shows. Now, it can totally be used to play ball games too! This self assembly Bumper add-on kit is made from the same materials as :MOVE mini and has been designed in keeping with the :MOVE mini aesthetic. Once the add-on has been attached to :MOVE mini, the buggy can now easily be used for competative games involving a ball or a puck, football and hockey spring to mind. Note: This kit requires mechanical assembly.


  • This attachment can be fitted quickly and easily
  • :MOVE mini will be able to move balls and pucks
  • Allows for competative team games such as football and hockey


  • 1 x Set of Bumper parts
  • 2 x 10mm Counter sunk M3 screw


  • Length: 32mm
  • Width: 77mm
  • Height: 9mm


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