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Magix Sound Forge Pro 13 Suite (Academic)

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Product Description

Magix Sound Forge Pro 13 Suite (Academic)

Sound Forge Pro has been an industry-standard audio editor for over two decades, and is used by many producers and sound engineers around the world because of its wide range of pro features. Sound Forge Pro 13 simply equates to recording, editing, restoration and mastering at the highest possible level.


Exclusive in Sound Forge Pro 13 Suite

  • Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 6
    Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 6 is the worlds first advanced audio spectrum editor. It transforms sound into a unique visual world of multidimensional audio data. With its visual approach and tool set, it's easy to rearrange, extract and optimize sounds in ways never imagined. The new version 6 is more compatible, thanks to ARA2 support, as well as easier to learn and use.  
  • Melodyne Essential
    Melodyne essential enriches the audio editing capabilities of both Sound Forge Pro 13 and Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 6, thanks to it's ARA2 and AAX support. Experience the legendary tool for correcting audio with absolute precision.
  • Vintage Effects Suite
    Authentically reproduce the natural, full sound of analog tools with these three vintage effects.
  • VariVerb II
    Space for new ideas: Create reverb exactly the way you want.
  • Vandal
    Vandal is unique. It is a complete simulation suite for guitarists and bassists from the tubes to the speaker coils, and a comprehensive effects rack at the end of the signal path. This is the only virtual guitar and bass amplifier that gives you the characteristic sound and feel of real hardware with the flexibility and creative control of software.

Recording High Resolution Audio

Sound Forge Pro 13 lets you record crystal-clear multichannel audio at sampling rates up to 64-bit/768 kHz, apply effects during capture, and monitor your recordings by way of a fully customizable interface.
  • Professional Recording Workflow
    You can capture up to 32 audio channels and monitor everything in a customizable working environment, with simple file navigation and numerous recording workflow options.
  • Hi-Res Audio Support
    Create clear and accurate high-resolution recordings at 64-bits with sampling rates as high as 768 kHz.
  • One-Touch-Recording (OTR)
    Start your recordings with a single click and stay on the main screen in your working environment. OTR saves you time and lets you focus on recording.
  • Direct Stream Digital (DSD)
    Sound Forge Pro 13 supports DSD audio files for import, export, recording and mixing in PCM format. Export to DSD for mastering Super Audio CDs (SACD) and high-quality archiving.
  • Threshold Recording
    Use the recording dialog to set a threshold over which the recording is started by the input device, so you can record without being in both the control and recording room at the same time.
  • MIDI Timecode
    Select the MIDI time code Trigger if you want to initiate playback or recording by receiving MIDI timecode from another device, like MIDI notes and controller values.
  • Timestamp Recording
    Configure your recordings to start automatically from multiple selected input devices via a timer. The automatic settings will then also determine when to stop recording.
  • Input Bus Effects
    Add plug-in effects to your source signal to create a more appealing headphone mix for the musician. Use this method to create your effects chain before recording and edit it with ease while working on your project.
  • Waveform Overview Bar
    The waveform overview bar aids navigation over long recordings as it gives you a better feel for where you are in the audio file. Quickly switch between different projects and move your editing position with a single click.

Audio Editing Tools

In addition to audio file processing, one of the core strengths of Sound Forge Pro 13 is its sound design functionality. Use a range of editing tools to precisely shape your sounds.
  • Edit Tool
    The Edit Tool allows you to select audio files that you want to process or move about within a project. It also lets you edit simple envelope points within the audio file.
  • Event Tool
    Use the Event Tool to edit multiple audio events in a data window. It's a simple way to clean edges and crossfades, and makes it easier to create tracks for Disc-at-once CDs.
  • Pencil Tool
    With the Pencil Tool, you can edit the waveform by drawing on it. For example, you can zoom in on the problem area and redraw the waveform if there is an interfering blip in the audio file.
  • Envelope Tool
    Use the Envelope Tool to add, remove or adjust envelope points. You also use the Envelope tool if you want to add, remove or adjust points on effect automation envelopes.
  • Magnify Tool
    Use this tool to zoom in on a region. Drag the mouse pointer over an area to zoom in on it. Your edited selection will also be retained when you release the mouse button. Time stretching & pitch shifting

Mastering & Cleaning

Sound Forge Pro 13 contains numerous effects and plug-ins for mastering and cleaning audio files. These are based on high-quality DSP algorithms, which offer the highest precision in post production.

DSP Effects
Digital signal processor effects allow you to edit audio files in real time and perform incredibly complex mastering tasks. Give your sound more natural dynamics, more stereo space and clean up background noise.

Mastering Effects
  • coreFX 2-Point Compressor
    Compared to a classic compressor, a 2-Point compressor has two kink points. This allows you to create different characteristics and offers more freedom when compressing dynamic range.
  • coreFX Limiter
    The limiter sets the maximum value of the processed audio signal level, which then won't be exceeded. Volume differences are eliminated, so that loud and quiet sections are leveled out.
  • coreFX VolumeFormer
    The VolumeFormer creates a pump effect, typically found in dance music, by lowering and raising the volume periodically. The AHR (Attack-Hold-Release) envelope can be adjusted individually.
  • coreFX Expander
    Suppress noise and increase your range, as the dynamics of the audio signal are increased for a more natural sound.
  • coreFX Compressor
    Compress the dynamic range of an audio signal and eliminate volume differences between soft and loud passages.
  • coreFX Gate
    The gate is used to suppress quiet sections in the signal transmission. This removes noise and produces a clean sound.
  • Wave Hammer 2.0
    Wave Hammer 2.0 is a combination of a classic compressor and a volume maximizer that makes it the perfect mastering tool. With Wave Hammer 2.0, you can make your tracks audibly louder and have more control than with standard peak normalization.
  • iZotope Ozone 8 Elements
    iZotope Ozone Elements includes a variety of presets and macro controls to produce your desired master with ease. The Mastering Wizard analyzes your mix, creates a sound profile and suggests presets, signal chains and processor settings. Customize the sound to your taste so you can quickly create different masters for everything from radio broadcast to web streaming.


Sound Forge Pro 13 lets you analyze your sounds with high-quality audio visualization tools. Based on audio data, your music, speech or sounds are displayed graphically and dynamically.
  • Peak Meter V2
    Now you can measure peak levels of your audio signal reliably and correctly. The Peak Meter V2 shows you the precise, current level of an audio signal.
  • Voice Activity Detection
    The 'sensAI SINGING VAD' from audEERING is a modern tool which uses artificial intelligence technology to detect lead vocals and choruses in music, marking any passages containing vocal lines. This provides you with a quick overview of complex mixing projects.
  • Phase Scope and Mono-Compatibility Metering
    The Phase Scope helps you to find the phase cancellation between the channels in the audio file. Thanks to the Correlation Level Meter, you can detect and eliminate mono-compatibility limitations between channels.
  • CALM-Targeted Metering
    CALM-standard metering allows high-precision volume measurement, and gives you a clear visual indication of the dynamic range of your audio signal. The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (CALM) regulates the overall volume during commercial breaks.
  • Multichannel-Capable Spectrum Analysis
    The multi-channel capable spectral analysis shows several graphs that detail the fundamental frequencies and harmonics in your recordings. Monitor audio and effect changes and take multiple snapshots – then use the overlay views to compare and adjust frequencies.
  • Clipped Peak Detection and Marking
    Clipped peak detection and marking automatically scans audio files and marks any clipping. This allows you to see all clipping points at a glance, and remove them with the DeClipper included in Sound Forge Pro 13.


Scripting is a welcome addition to automate repetitive tasks and implement individual functions. Sound Forge Pro 13 contains a number of scripts that you can use or modify. These include the Mastering Wizard and Cleaning Wizard. Customise these however you like: you can use the script editor to open, create, edit and execute scripts or write your own scripts in C#, JScript or VBScript.
  • Batch Processing
    The Batch Converter lets you apply the same effects and processes to multiple files, saving hours of editing and conversion time. You simply add a group of files to the Batch Converter interface, select an effect or process, and run the script. You can also save and easily recall your most frequently-used batch scripts for a faster workflow.
  • Mastering Wizard
    Mastering Wizard enables quick and easy masters of your audio to be created to give them a professional edge. The software guides you through a typical mastering process and the different effects used each time. It even includes different presets that you can try out, or simply use your own settings to change levels, compress or EQ for perfect results.
  • Cleaning Wizard
    Cleaning Wizard is an indispensable tool to help you remove noise and other artefacts from your audio. It guides you through a typical cleaning process and the tools used, so that you can quickly and easily reduce hum, pops and crackles. It is a one-stop utility for cleaner audio and an ideal tool to help you get pristine-quality audio.


System Requirements

  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Graphics card: Onboard, min. resolution 1024 x 768
  • Sound card: Onboard
  • Hard drive space: 500 MB for program installation
  • Program language: English
  • An Internet connection is required for program registration, validation and individual program features as well as one-time registration.
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