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Swivl Teams Pro - Annual Online Subscription
Swivl Teams is designed to help create a culture of feedback and collaboration within your organisation. Build the best Team for your organisation with Swivl Teams and Swivl Robot combined.
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Product Description
Swivl Teams is designed to help create a culture of feedback and collaboration within your organisation. From the most active schools of education, the largest K12 districts, or the most secure universities, Swivl brings out the best in your Team.

In Swivl Teams, users securely create, share, and comment on fully encrypted videos using custom rubrics based on your own observation framework and Administrators monitor analytics to ensure everyone is on track. In addition, the software brings to life features you love about the Swivl robot: Multi-Microphone audio playback, Multi-Camera viewing, Screencasting, Speech Analysis, and live Bookmarking to name a few.

With the new Teams Pro you can have multiple administrators and, create an unlimited number of members and even include existing Teams Standard members.

  • User and video statistics
  • User management
  • Security controls
  • Rubric creation
Teachers and Coaches
  • Collaboration
  • Multi-marker bookmarking
  • Screencasting
  • Commenting with rubrics
Teachers and Students
  • Basic uploading and editing
  • Note-taking
  • Commenting with rubrics on Pro Team members’ videos
The Team Administrator role is for: instructional coaches, mentor teachers, professors of student teachers, or IT administrators. This person will manage:
  • User Analytics - Quickly and easily get a snapshot of your Team’s performance and recent activity. For more in-depth filtering and sorting, visit the User, Groups, and Labels Statistics section.
  • Security - Easily manage multiple school sites and build custom collaborative experiences by setting up distinct timestamped commenting rubrics and user labels for each type of user in your organization.
  • Rubrics & User Labels - Select the sharing options available to your Team members, create private sharing Groups, and customize your settings to meet your Team’s security requirements.
Teachers and Coaches securely share their videos to receive direct, private feedback using time-stamped comments. In addition, each can view speech analysis data to measure student versus teacher talk time. With an easy to use editor they can also produce highlight reels of best practices.
  • Secure Sharing - Sharing is controlled by the video owner; decide when and with whom to share your videos. Swivl makes it easy to share videos directly from your mobile device via the Swivl app or the Swivl Teams platform.
  • Culture of Feedback - Videos shared with you are posted in your Recent Activity Dashboard. From here, watch the video, identify where the owner placed bookmarks, and post your own time-stamped comments using custom rubrics.
  • Easy Collaboration - Collaborating in Swivl Groups is essential for creating a culture of feedback. Groups make it easy to share multiple videos across schools, districts, and schools of education to curate best practice libraries for your organisation.
Advanced Capabilities
  • Multi-Microphone speech analysis evaluates the breakdown between teacher and student talk time and bookmarking to annotate the video while it records from any marker.
  • Screencasting synchronises a laptop or desktop screen and presenter’s video.
  • Multi-Camera captures different angles of any room and personalizes recording of students.


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