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PocketLab Turbo Track
Engage your student in the physical sciences with the Pocketlab Turbo Track, a physics playground for building roller coasters, ramps, and crash barriers to do hands-on science experiments.
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Product Description

PocketLab Turbo Track

The TurboTrack is a physics playground for building roller coasters, ramps, and crash barriers to do hands-on science experiments. Using Hot Wheels track and PocketLab track connectors, the TurboTrack allows students to creatively investigate classic concepts in force, motion, energy, momentum, engineering, and more.

The PocketLab TurboTrack in the Classroom: Alignment to NGSS and other Physics Standards. The kit includes everything you need to teach seven NGSS Middle School Physical Science performance expectations, in addition to numerous high school physics activities, while integrating all four Engineering Design standards.

Real Data, Not Simulations

Every activity involves real-world data collection of physical phenomenon so your students can learn hands-on.

Backed by Research

Lessons for the TurboTrack were developed in projects with the Department of Education Institute of Educational Sciences and the National Science Foundation SBIR program

Physics Concepts

Some of the Physics concepts covered by the PocketLab TurboTrack:

  • Position, velocity, and acceleration
  • Energy and momentum
  • Elastic and inelastic collisions
  • Forces acting at a distance
  • Energy transfer
  • Newton's Laws of Motion
  • Harmonic motion
  • Roller coaster, crash cushion, and bumper design

Build the Kit Yourself, For Free

Do you have your own 3D printer? If so, you can 3D print all of the custom track stations and connectors yourself to build your own kit. We've made all of the 3D printer files available for free on our Thingiverse page. Click here to learn how to build the kit for free.


  • Collect PocketLab data on position, velocity, acceleration, energy and more every TurboTrack experiment
  • Customize your track to explore questions you're curious about
  • Engineer roller coasters
  • Build cars powered by magnets, elastic launchers, and wind-power
  • 3D print more track connector stations or customize your own
  • Add unlimited Hot Wheels track to extend your roller coasters, or other creative ideas.
  • Learn about force, motion, collisions, energy, engineering, and more!


  • 2x HotRod carts to use with PocketLab Voyager
  • 6 feet of Hot Wheels Track
  • 2x pulleys for Atwood machines and other experiments
  • 4x magnets for building magnetic powered carts
  • 6x interchangeable bumpers for different types of collisions
  • 2x Table Clamps
  • 1x elastic energy cart launcher
  • 1x tall track pillar for ramp and roller coaster design activities
  • 1x collision and crash station
  • Weights for HotRod carts and pulley system
  • NGSS aligned lesson plans covering a range of Physics and Physical Science topics (digital download)
FREE Resources for the PocketLab Turbo Track

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