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Filament 1.75mm PLA PRO - Flashforge (1kg)
Flashforge PLA Pro filament is specially formulated to give your 3D prints greater strength, toughness, flexibility and accuracy.


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Product Description

Filament 1.75mm PLA PRO - Flashforge (1kg)

These 1.75mm PLA filaments are great quality, excellent value and are designed to fit into all of the Flashforge 3D Printers. They work equally well in other 3D printers also.

NEW! Features

  • NEW Formula: Flashforge PLA in now a new formula made from high quality virgin materials ensuring consistent quality and colour. Combining print-ability and low warping characteristics showing precise detail with good bonding characteristics yet allowing clean separation from support structures. These characteristics make this material ideal for small precise detail as well as large prints.
  • NEW Solid Colour: The new formula of PLA filaments are solid vivid colours



  • 1x 1kg Spool


Mechanical Propertis

  Test Method Unit PLA PRO Filaments
Melt Index
GB3682.1-2018 g/10min 4.5
Tensile Strength GB/T1040-2008 Mpa 46
Elongation at Break GB/T1040-2008 % 22
Izod Impact Strength GB/T1843-2008 KJ/m2 12.2

Printing Parameter

  • Nozzle Temperature: 190~220℃
  • Platform Temperature: 20-60℃
  • Cooling Fan: Power on
  • Layer thickness: 0.2-0.3mm
  • Printing Speed: 30~90mm/s
  • Travel Speed: 60~120mm/s
  • Storage Temperature: <50℃
  • Support materials: PVA or other soluble materials

Printing Cautions

  • This product is suitable for any desktop-grade 3D printer with a heating platform, which can be adapted to different printing surfaces, such as blue tape, Kapton tape, glass, etc.
  • In order to ensure the printing accuracy of the product, it is recommended that the layer thickness setting should not be too high, recommended thickness 0.2-0.3mm.

The service from CD Soft is second to none. I order very regularly from CD Soft and every time, without fail, the online chat service is excellent, order processing is easy and accurate and delivery is fast and all goods arrive safely and securely.

The advice given on products is insightful and accurate and always very customer orientated.

Thank you
Scott Llamas - May 2021


Awesome service with super fast delivery. The chat option really helped me choose the products, know they were in stock and would be delivered in time. The items were posted the same day and I couldn't believe it when they arrived from Perth to Melbourne in 3 days! Thanks for your wonderful support - our students were able to complete their robotic projects in time.
Nicola Bailey - Nov 2020

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